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Bergen Co. was dreamt up from the post-war British subculture known as ‘Teddy Boys’ which radicalised the fashion scenes in London and New York throughout the late 50s. Greasers, hooligans and infamous teen gangs such as 'The Jokers' all played their part in weaving together this mid-season collection, which is punctuated with definitively 80s accents like acid wash and high waistlines. The mood of the collection is surly, unsettled - like the angst ridden teens of the day who fell behind the bleachers, loitered at milk bars and lived for turf wars. In a real sense, they were just mobs of outlandish dorks, unattainable by the ordinary fraidy-cats. But coupled with their brazen attitudes and sense of invincibility, they became the fountainhead of a cool sartorial rebellion.

Photographed by Andrew Gough. Modeled by Phoebe Lou.

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