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Frida was born in the summer of 2013 and is based in Brisbane, Australia.  The Frida aesthetic is grounded in a classic simplicity.  Lovers of vintage and eccentric pieces, we take our inspiration from contemporary street style and the history books.  To us, these are the places where true, self-expressive style proliferates. We like to tell our own story with each collection we dream up.

We believe that fashion goes beyond just getting dressed. Fashion is powerful and has a strong voice that has played a role throughout time and this is what we love about it.  Fashion is our creative outlet and we are fervent that fashion is a form of art and a channel for self-expression. Through Frida we get to explore and celebrate this everyday. It isn’t just about looking good. It’s about having something to say with what you wear.

Frida the label is dedicated to producing unique and high quality pieces that remain classic throughout the years. Our pieces are designed and hand made wholly in Australia using well-sourced products. 

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